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Sweet Corn, Nirvana (75 Days)

250 Seeds   $6.00
500 Seeds   $9.60
1m                $14.15
2m               $25.15
5m               $58.95

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Nirvana is the best of all worlds.  It has vigor and emergence with the highest quality taste and texture. The sweetness and bite is truly unique. Nirvana is high yielding with uniform,  full tipped ears that have good kernel contrast and rowing.  Nirvana continues to raise the bar with exceptional snap, ease in packing and its holding power.  In trial after trial, Nirvana has proven to be a game changer. 

Plant Height: 83 (211cm)
Number of Rows: 16-18
Ear Length: 8.0 (20cm)
Ear Height: 26 (66cm)
Ear Diameter: 1.8 (4.6cm)

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250 sds, 500 sds, 1m, 2m, 5m


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